17 best Kindle sleeves and bags to get in 2023-24 season

This overview lists the most interesting sleeves, bags, and organizers that are compatible with current Kindle models. They are a solid alternative to dedicated Kindle cases.

Do you really have to buy a case every time you get a new Kindle? With decreasing prices of electronic devices, the cost of the cover becomes a considerable part of the total price.

Maybe all you need is a decent sleeve that could serve you much longer than just a year or two.

Here are the most common reasons to get a sleeve instead of a case:

▸ If you have more than one mobile device – you will be able to use the sleeve interchangeably.

▸ If you want to have a protection for more than one Kindle generation – you will be able to use the same sleeve with your current and next Kindle models.

▸ If you would like to save money – a single sleeve is usually much cheaper than a dedicated case.

▸ If you would like to read hands free – only few Kindle cases come with a stable built-in stand. Get a cheap sleeve for protection and invest in a hands-free Kindle accessory.

Below, I have listed the key disadvantages and benefits of the Kindle sleeves. For more comparisons and facts, make sure to read our complete Kindle case vs. sleeve comparison.

Kindle sleeve pros and cons

▸ It can be used with several Kindle models, not just one
▸ It gives the protection when the Kindle needs it the most – when you are carrying it
▸ It doesn’t add bulk when you read because it’s put aside
▸ It lets you enjoy the Kindle in its entirety
▸ Many sleeves come with pockets for accessories
▸ Better corner protection than most cases
▸ You can use a sleeve as an extra layer of protection of your Kindle with a case
▸ No support for auto sleep/wake feature
▸ The more pockets there are, the bulkier the sleeve is
▸ When reading, the sleeve is put aside, and it gives no protection to your Kindle
▸ To accommodate different devices, it’s good to buy a bit larger sleeve, and it may be too large for your needs
▸ Say “bye” to print book nostalgia – no sleeve will give you this feel

Kindle sleeve size reference

Below, you will find our updated selection of Kindle sleeves and bags that you can find on Amazon, but also Etsy – an online place with gorgeous custom made accessories from independent artisans.

When selecting the size, please follow these simple instructions:

Kindle modelLook for…
Basic Kindle…sleeves and bags designed for 6-8 inch e-readers and tablets
Kindle Paperwhite…sleeves and bags designed for 7-8 inch devices. Sleeves for 6 inch devices may be too tight.
Kindle Oasis…sleeves and bags designed designed specifically for Kindle Oasis. The device is much wider than most tablets and e-readers with the same display size, therefore universal 7-8 inch sleeves will be too narrow.
Kindle Scribe…sleeves and bags designed for 10-11 inch tablets.

The best Kindle sleeves and bags

1. Water-resistant and shockproof urban sleeve

Kizuna shockproof water resistant Kindle sleeve
Kizuna shockproof water resistant Kindle sleeve / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best zipper sleeve for Kindle

▸ From Kizuna comes a tablet sleeve that’s worth taking a look if you plan to give your Kindle a combined case andsleeve protection.

▸ The sleeve is made of water-repellent neoprene, which protects the device from splashing water or mild rain.

▸ A soft and fluffy internal layer effectively absorbs impacts to reduce damage caused by accidental drops.

▸ The Kizuna sleeve features a large zipper pocket on the front. It’s a perfect place for your smartphone, cables, charger, or powerbank.

▸ The sleeve is available in two sizes:

– Make sure to pick up the one for 7.9-8 inch tablets if you have the basic Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, the current generations as well as earlier ones.

– Choose the 9.7-11 inch variants, if you want to get the sleeve for your Kindle Scribe.

▸ The sleeve will not fit Kindle Oasis, as this model is too wide.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $11.99.

★★★★Our score: 8.1/10

2. Personalized boutique-style sleeve bag

Personalized fabric felt sleeve for Kindle Scribe
Personalized fabric felt sleeve – provide the dimensions to get the sleeve tailored to your Kindle / Image: Etsy

▸ From Germany-based creators Mum and Mädi comes a series of beautiful sleeve bags that will add even more style to your Kindle.

▸ The sleeve opens on the larger side and is made of a combination of cotton and felt to provide a perfect balance between a fashionable look and durable protection.

▸ The sleeve bag can be personalized – you can provide exact dimensions of your Kindle to get the sleeve perfectly tailored to your current Kindle models.

▸ The inside of the case is padded with soft felt to protect your Kindle from scratches or shocks.

▸ When placing and order, you can also determine whether you need a flap or not.

3. Soft suede Kindle Oasis sleeve

Suede Kindle Oasis sleeve
Suede Kindle Oasis sleeve from Walnew / Image: Amazon

▸ Here is a sleeve that was made specifically for Kindle Oasis, which is wider than two other models. It will fit both the 2nd and 3rd generation Oasis.

▸ Offered by Walnew, this handmade sleeve is one of the most popular accessories for Kindle Oasis.

▸ The sleeve is handmade of soft suede (external layer) and soft microfiber (internal layer). The natural suede offers good texture and comfortable touch feeling.

▸ It closes with two magnets that are hidden in the top flap. Please note that the magnets do not support auto sleep / wake feature.

▸ This minimalist design is offered in four light colors that are perfect for women: Gray, Pink, Khaki, and Light Blue.

▸ The current price is $14.99, but we’ve seen it drop to $12 during major shopping events on Amazon.

4. Simple and elegant felt sleeve with an extra pocket

Best felt Kindle sleeve with extra pocket
Best felt Kindle sleeve with extra pocket / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best felt sleeve for Kindle

▸ From MoKo comes a stylish landscape-type sleeve for 7-8 inch tablets and e-readers, with enough space to accommodate your Kindle even with a case on it.

▸ The sleeve is made of premium felt that absorbs shock. The interior is lined with a special material that’s mold-proof and water-resistant.

▸ The sleeve closes with a Velcro made of faux leather. There is an internal pocket where you can place your phone, cables, or a library card.

▸ Make sure to pick up the one for 7-8 inch devices, if you have the entry-level Kindle (all generations) and Kindle Paperwhite (all generations). Unfortunately, it won’t be a good fit for Kindle Oasis.

▸ Make sure to pick up the variant for 9-11 inch devices, if you have the 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe.

▸ You can choose from two color options: Dark and Light Gray.

▸ Currently, the price is set at $10.99. However, you can see it drop to $9.99 or even $8.99 during shopping events.

★★★★Our score: 8.5/10

5. Slim and lightweight Kindle sleeve bag

Slim durable MoKo Kindle sleeve
Slim durable MoKo Kindle sleeve for basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite / Image: Amazon

▸ The sleeve from Moko is made of durable material: premium polyester and high-density fluff lining. Thanks to that, it is abrasion-resistant, dust-proof and splash-resistant.

▸ One feature that’s worth mentioning is a sponge pad, which will prevent your Kindle from being shocked when falling.

▸ MoKo offers the sleeve in several colors, including Peacock Blue and Light Gray.

▸ The sleeve from MoKo is offered in two size variants, making it ready for all Kindle e-readers, except the Oasis:

– Pick up the version for 7-8 inch devices, so it will fit your basic Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, not matter which generation you own.

– Pick up the variant for 9-10 devices , if you own Kindle Scribe 10.2

▸ The price of the sleeve depends on the size and color, but most variants cost no more than $11.99.

6. Book sleeve compatible with Kindle

Book sleeve compatible with Kindle
Book sleeve compatible with entry-level Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite / Image: Amazon

▸ Tablet and e-reader sleeves are practical but rarely beautiful. They are usually black, gray, or resemble a leather look.

▸ If you want something dramatically way more cheerful, make sure to explore a different product category – that is a surprisingly compatible with Kindle e-readers – sleeves designed to protect and carry paper books.

▸ We recommend book sleeves from Kapax. Each one closes with a Velcro on the top side, and features external pockets for a notepad, pen, or a library card.

▸ Currently, there are over ten colors to choose from, and all are stunning!

▸ The sleeves are all 10 × 8 inch (25 × 20 cm) and will fit your Kindle Paperwhite or basic Kindle with a space for a standard case, if you need it. There will be still some place to put a small paperback book inside!

▸ The price is set at $17.99 – and that’s for the universal protective sleeve that would work with your Kindle or a paper book.

7. Composition book sleeve with zipper

Modern book sleeve compatible with Kindle
Classic composition book sleeve compatible with Kindle / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best book sleeve compatible with Kindle

▸ Here is another sleeve that is designed for paper books, but will fit your Kindle, too. It’s a convenient solution for every modern book lover who reads books in both the classic and electronic format.

▸ The sleeve is offered by Book Beau, and closes with a top zipper. It’s well padded for enhanced shock protection. Inside, there is enough room for a Kindle, notebook, and a paper book – and many other combinations.

▸ This specific design is a replica of the iconic composition book design, that’s one of the most popular Kindle case designs. Now you can also have it on a sleeve bag.

▸ If you pick up the “XL” variant, which is approximately 11.24 × 8.75 in, it should fit not only your Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, or Kindle Scribe, but also a hardcover book.

▸ Book Beau sleeves are manufactured in the United States from premium grade materials. Plus, the company offers a 30-day replacement guarantee.

▸ A book sleeve is a perfect gift for a book lover. There is no worry it will be incompatible with the giftee’s reading preferences.

▸ The sleeve is available in several colors, including two patterns that show cozy bookshelves.

▸ The current price is $29.99.

★★★★Our score: 8.5/10

8. Vera Bradley cotton tablet organizer

Vera Bradley Kindle organizer bag
Vera Bradley Kindle organizer bag / Image: Amazon

▸ From Vera Bradley comes the most fashionable item in this overview – the Cotton Tablet Organizer. Its size makes it easy to put any Kindle model inside, including the Oasis and Scribe.

▸ As other tablet organizers, the Vera Bradley bag comes with several utilities: two slip pockets, two mesh pockets, three card slips, four pen slips, and one ID window.

▸ The bag is made of a sustainable recycled cotton fabric and “and has all of the comfort, softness, and vibrancy that you know and love.”

▸ The sleeve is padded for increased comfort and protection. Plus, there is a handle to let you carry it with ease.

▸ Vera Bradley Kindle organizer is available in eight fashionable designs, including Ikat Island, Java Navy Camo (shown above), Indiana Rose, and Plum Pansies.

▸ The price is very Vera Bradley – $45. It’s the most expensive item in this overview.

9. Handmade felt and leather sleeve with pockets

Handmade leather and felt sleeve for Kindle
Handmade leather and felt sleeve for Kindle from Narmont / Image: Etsy

▸ Sometimes it’s a good idea to look for Kindle accessories somewhere else than on Amazon. Etsy is one of the best alternatives.

▸ One of the best Kindle compatible sleeves you can find on Etsy is offered by Narmont. It’s handcrafted from 4 mm natural wool felt and genuine leather.

▸ There are three colors to choose from. You can pick up the light gray, dark gray, or a combination variant.

▸ The sleeve features a large external pocket that closes with the same flap as the main compartment.

▸ The dark leather inserts are placed in the points that are most exposed to wear: flap opening and holding area.

▸ Prices start at $30, and they are one of the lowest for the genuine leather e-reader sleeves on Etsy.

10. Cozy zipper sleeve with external pocket

Designer Kindle zipper sleeve
Cozy, designer Kindle zipper sleeve / Image: Amazon

▸ Are you looking for a zipper sleeve that is designed specifically for the Kindle?

▸ From Jaunpy comes the sleeve that’s compatible with all 6-inch e-readers, such the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite (including the 6.8-inch model).

▸ The sleeve has an attention-catching floral pattern in white, blue, and orange. Plus, there is a handy external pocket that you can use to put your smartphone for easy access.

▸ Internal dimensions of the sleeve are: 6.7 × 4.7 × 0.8 in.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is $13.99. The sleeve bears an Amazon Choice badge for being an affordable product available instantly.

11. Weatherproof notebook zipper cover

Waterproof notebook sleeve compatible Kindle
This field notebook cover from Rite in the Rain makes a perfect Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite sleeve / Image: Ebook Friendly

Our pick: The best alternative Kindle sleeve

▸ This product was not intended to be used with e-readers – but it serves its purpose brilliantly. It’s a side bound notebook cover from Rite in the Rain.

▸ This solid and durable is made of incredibly tough Cordura fabric that’s water and weather resistant. The pouch closes with a solid, rugged zipper closure.

▸ Inside, there are two large pockets for notebooks, on the left and right side. Each one will fit the 6.8-inch Kindle Paperwhite. It will also fit the basic Kindle. It will not fit the Oasis and Scribe.

▸ Inside, there are also four pen-size holders, and a pocket for a credit card.

▸ The cover is available in the US Amazon store in two colors: Black and Tan. In other online stores, you can also find a camo version, shown above. I bought it in the German Amazon.

▸ The price at the time of updating the post is $24.99 (8% off) and it’s the lowest ever recorded.

★★★★Our score: 8.1/10

12. Elegant felt sleeve for Kindle Oasis

Slim felt Kindle Oasis case
Slim felt Kindle Oasis case / Image: Amazon

▸ Felt is always in fashion. It offers advanced waterproof features, and even a single layer guarantees a high level of bump and shock protection.

▸ The sleeve comes with two compartments. One is for the Oasis and the other one is perfect for accessories, cables, power charger, or credit cards.

▸ For an extra protection against scratches, the inside is lined with a soft and cozy microfiber material.

▸ This stylish felt sleeve is available in two size versions. One is tailored for Kindle Oasis 2, and the other one for the Oasis 3.

▸ You can choose either a light felt or dark felt color variant. Each one comes with a Velcro closure that’s sewn together with a stylish leather badge-like strap.

▸ The price is stable and is set at $16.99.

13. Fabric sleeve with gentle floral patterns

Fabric Kindle sleeve with gentle floral patterns
Fabric Kindle sleeve with gentle floral patterns / Image: Etsy

▸ You are looking at a gorgeous sleeve handmade by Leaky Breeks. It’s a perfect choice for every woman who is looking for a gentle and natural floral design.

▸ The sleeve is handmade from a durable polyester that resists water, dries quickly, and is easy to clean (and may be dry-cleaned).

▸ Interior is lined with an extra layer for enhanced protection.

▸ The most important thing about this sleeve bag, however, is the looks! Plus, there are almost thirty other sleeves to choose from in the Leaky Breeks store.

▸ When placing an order, make sure to provide the exact dimensions of the model you own. This way, you will have the sleeve perfectly fitting your Kindle.

14. Affordable Kindle sleeve bag with zipper

Slim affordable Kindle sleeve
Slim affordable sleeve 6 and 6.8 inch Kindle models / Image: Amazon

▸ A sleeve is an affordable alternative to a case. It usually costs less, and can be used with more than one Kindle model.

▸ Take a look at this sleeve, if you are looking for the cheapest available option.

▸ The sleeve is slim, comes with a flannel lining interior, and an external pocket for a smartphone.

▸ It is compatible with the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite – current and former generations. It is not compatible with the Oasis and Scribe.

▸ Bearing an “Amazon’s Choice” badge, the sleeve costs $9.99, and is the cheapest in this overview.

15. Lightweight Kindle Oasis sleeve

Slim Kindle Oasis sleeve pocket
Slim Kindle Oasis sleeve pocket / Image: Amazon

▸ From SixiCat comes a naturally looking zipper sleeve that’s both slim and lightweight, despite a solid padding that ensures an enhanced drop protection.

▸ The sleeve is designed for Kindle Oasis 3. It will also fit the previous generation Oasis, too. You can also have it for any other Kindle model, but it will be a bit loose, as its proportions are tailored for the unusually wide Oasis model.

▸ The main compartment is meant for the Kindle, and it closes with a zipper on the top side. There is also a large external pocket that’s perfect to store your smartphone or earphones.

▸ The sleeve comes in two natural colors: Dark and Light Gray.

▸ SixiCat Oasis sleeve usually costs $28, but its price is reduced temporary to $24.99.

16. Soft , eco-friendly sleeve pouch – perfect for Kindle Scribe

Soft eco-friendly sleeve bag for Kindle Scribe
Soft eco-friendly sleeve bag for all Kindle models / Image: Amazon

▸ From Elago comes the newest item in this overview – the soft, cozy, and minimalist sleeve pouch that features a large external pocket that’s perfect for power adapter, earphones, or cables.

▸ The Elago team put a lot of attention to details. From a concept, all the way to a finished product, everything is done in-house to ensure that you get a product that you’ll love.

▸ The sleeve is made of multi-layer, recycled fiberfill that’s lightweight, eco-friendly, and gives a natural feel every time you take it in your hand.

▸ Most importantly, the sleeve is waterproof, thanks to using the waterproof nylon material on the outside. It’s a good option if you want to have peace of mind and your Kindle is not waterproof.

▸ Elago sleeve is designed for 10-11 inch devices, so it will fit the 10.2 inch Kindle Scribe perfectly. The sleeve is also wide enough to accommodate the Oasis. Obviously, the smaller Kindle models will also fit inside.

▸ The launch price is set at $28.99, and we have put this product on our price tracking list.

17. Portfolio bag case for Kindle

Kindle compatible sleeve bag
Tomtoc multipurpose bag is compatible with all Kindle models, including Kindle Scribe / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best multipurpose Kindle bag

▸ If you are looking for a sleeve that would accommodate more than just your Kindle, think about getting a portable bag that comes with several compartments and pockets, but still has the size of a mobile device.

▸ The bag from Tomtoc is intended for devices no larger than 12.9-inch, so it will fit any Kindle model, including the Oasis and Scribe. It will also be large enough for your 10-inch Amazon Fire or iPad.

▸ Tomtoc Portfolio combines a rugged EVA hard shell with soft microfiber lining to protect against bumps and scratches. Water-repellent fabric provides protection even on a rainy day.

▸ The patented ergonomic groove design and comfortable grip make it easier to carry on without drops, even if you want to avoid using the built-in handle.

▸ Inside, there are multiple compartments. You can use the main one for your Kindle or a notebook. Elasticized segments provide tight grip for cables, earphones, and other small accessories.

▸ Tomtoc offers one year worry-free guarantee. Plus, you will benefit from a friendly customer service available via email and phone.

▸ You can choose from several colors, including Mixed Orange (shown above), Avocado, Gray, and Caramel.

▸ The lowest price we recorded was $29.99. Currently, it’s set at $44.99. As this is a highly popular product, you may not see a considerable price drop during shopping season.

★★★★Our score: 8.3/10

The best Kindle sleeves and bags
The best Kindle sleeves and bags you can get this year

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