Here are the 12 best iPhone case covers for book lovers

In this updated overview, you’ll see gorgeous iPhone covers that will remind you of the joy of reading books anywhere, anytime.

Even if you don’t feel like spending a couple of minutes in a queue with a good book opened in an e-reading application on your iPhone, you can still express you are a book lover.

In the list below, you will see iPhone covers that would make great gifts for bookworms or librarians.

Most of these cases are available for several iPhone models, including the 13 and 14th generation. This list will be updated as cases for the newest generation arrive.

As most iPhone cases on Amazon come with plain product photos, we’ve visualized most of them so that you can have a feel of how they will look in real life. 

Most of the visualized photos link to our Amazon’s Influencer pages, from where you can click on the featured products.

If you would like to have a chance to customize an iPhone case with your own text, make sure to check out the list of the best personalized iPhone cases. All these cases are available on Zazzle – the best online store with products that you can customize in seconds.

If you know of any case worth adding to this selection, please leave a suggestion in the comment below.

Best iPhone case covers for bookworms

Jane Austen handwriting iPhone cover

This vintage design features Jane Austen’s remastered handwriting from her letter to sister Cassandra, written in April 1811. The artwork comes with a first name from her signature and a large stroke made with a red ink. 

This particular variant shows the letters with a golden feel on an organic black background. You can also get the light version, with dark brown letters on an old paper.

The case is a great gift idea for a romance book lover, a librarian, or a fan of all things vintage.

The case is made of two parts, a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU liner. It’s available for several iPhone models, including the latest ones.

The price is set at $17.99, and it’s one of the most affordable options on Amazon.

Vintage Bookworm BKWRM FRVR iPhone cover

A bookworm is a person who re-reads books forever. This vintage design says “BKWRM FRVR” followed by definitions of the two words: “bookworm” and “forever.”

Engraved reading glasses add a touch of vintage intensity to the design. Other variants – BKLVR and BKNRD – are also available, both in dark and light colors.

This standard case is more than enough to protect your iPhone in most situations, including bumps and mild drops.

Cute bookish drawing iPhone case

From Katoc Zarl comes a cute iPhone case for booklovers who love cute drawing and pastel colors.

This soft case is made with a soft but protective TPU material. It’s transparent, and the artwork is printed with scratch resistant ink on its back.

Other cozy patterns are also available in the series. The price is set to $10, for a case that’s compatible with iPhone 14.

My Kingdom for a power charger iPhone case

“A horse, a horse! Kingdom for a horse!” is a famous saying by William Shakespeare. A horse? Really? This vintage artwork says: “My Kingdom for a power charger”. 

The artwork is inspired by the 17th century book title design. A dark variant is also available.

The case is made of two parts, a premium scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU liner. It’s available for several iPhone models, including the latest ones.

The price at the time of writing this overview was set at $17.99.

Minimalist clever bookshelf barcode iPhone case

Are you looking for iPhone covers that come with a minimalist design? Take a look at this clever artwork that looks like a standard barcode, but when you take a closer look, you will see books on the shelf. 

The text says: “Read books and be unique.” A version on a beige background is also available.

Just the dropdown menu under “Model name” to pick up the iPhone that you own.

The case is made of two-part shock-resistant material, and is available for $17.99.

Book vs. cal lovers funny iPhone case cover

Are you a book or cat lover? Or maybe both? This cute artwork says it all: “Book lovers never sleep alone. Cat lovers never sleep”.

The cover is available for numerous iPhone models, including the latest ones. The construction prevents from mild drop accidents.

Cozy bookshelf iPhone cover

If you are never enough of images of bookshelves full of books, this case will meet your needs.

The artwork features a vector bookshelf full of books in pastel colors, giving the overall feeling of a cozy reading nook.

The artwork is printed on a sturdy and flexible back cover that’s both slim and sturdy.

“Made of an advanced printing technique, the pattern is clear and bright, and will not rub off and fade.”

The price of the case at the time of updating this post is $11.99.

Slow down and read a book iPhone cover

Isn’t it the highest time to relax and forget about daily problems? This cozy artwork comes with handwritten typography that says: “Keep calm, slow down, and dive into a good book”.

The case is a friendly reminder that your iPhone can be a handy book reader, and you can start reading any time you want, no other device needed.

The cover is available for numerous iPhone models, including the latest ones. The two-part construction prevents from mild shock accidents.

The price for every iPhone model is the same, and the regular level is set at $17.99.

Vintage composition book green VNTG

Are you a fan of the classic composition notebook design?

This vintage-style artwork resembles the front of an iconic vintage notebook, with a letterpress label featuring strokes of red ink, and a unique marbled paper remastered to support seamless product placement.

The artwork is available in green, as well as a few other colors, and on several products, including iPhone covers.

The case protects the device from mild drops, and allows easy access to all ports.

I see a book coffee great day positive iPhone case

This vintage artwork is inspired by 17th and 18th century book title pages design.

The quote was coined in 2026 by Piotr Kowalczyk, and says: “I see a book, I see a coffee, I see a great day ahead.”

Other case covers from Vintage Book Quotes series are also available on Amazon, Zazzle, Redbubble, and Society 6.

The case features a standard design, with a two-layer structure for enhanced shock protection. Available for several iPhone models.

iPhone cover with library due-date pattern

This iPhone cover features an iconic design of a library due-date card, stamped with various return dates.

It’s a perfect present for a librarian or nerdy book lover or reader. Great for nerds who love reading or who love to use their library card to check out books!

The product image shows the case for iPhone 11, but the cover is available for several generations, including the 14th.

The price is set at $17.99, and you can’t expect it to dramatically go down during popular shopping seasons.

Nature coffee and books iPhone cover

Here is something for bookworms who love going to a remote cabin or a campsite, and spend all the time on binge-reading, while enjoying their coffee and a great view of snowy mountains.

This vintage artwork shows an engraved mountain landscape on a pale green background. The text goes: “All I need is nature, coffee, and books. Another great day ahead!” The design has just been released, so it hasn’t earned any reviews yet.

Just like all iPhone cases that are available on Amazon via Merch channel, this one is available for several generations, and costs $17.99.

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