14 best e-reader accessories for the ultimate reading pleasure (2023 season)

Check out these innovative and clever accessories that you may need for your e-reader more than a case cover.

When you buy a new e-reader, you will most probably start looking for a case to give it immediate protection.

The thing is that reading books is one of the safest activities on earth. You sit comfortably on a sofa and, from time to time, tap the display. 

You need protection – but not when you are reading on your device, but when you are carrying it. And for that, you don’t need a case cover. A decent sleeve is more than enough.

The moment you find out you don’t need a case cover is the moment you can start thinking forward – about how to bring the reading pleasure to a new level.

Online stores are full of tablet and smartphone accessories, but you can hardly find the ones that are designed for e-readers. And here a bit of creativity helps. Many tablet accessories can be successfully used with e-readers, and the only goal should be defining your own needs.

The following list includes solutions for hands-free or one-handed reading, products that combine features from different categories, and products not intended for e-readers at all – but being surprisingly useful if you read a lot.

Most useful e-reader accessories

1. Pillow tablet stand with a flexible arm

Innovative pillow with a flexible arm - perfect for e-readers
A cozy pillow stand with a flexible arm for your e-reader and smartphone / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most innovative accessory for hands-free reading

▸ This innovative pillow stand will be extremely helpful for long reading sessions. It’s a combination of a pillow and stand, letting you place your e-reader at the right height and angle, no matter which position you choose.

▸ The patented construction includes a flexible arm. You can adjust its height and rotate by 360 degrees. You can put your e-reader into this flexible holder, as it supports devices that are up to 7 inches (ca. 18 cm). Furthermore, you can also put the e-reader on the pillow’s base thanks to a special hook.

▸ The pillow can also be used upside down. The arm is underneath, and you can set the angle to be able to read hands-free while you are laying on your stomach. 

▸ The pillow is extremely cozy. It’s filled with odorless foam pellets so that it can change its shape to closely fill the contact surface. The pillow’s cover is made of stretchy and breathable Lycra fabric.

▸ This pillow stand is available in two colors – Sand Orange and Stone Gray – but I expect more variants to come the moment this interesting product becomes more popular.

▸ It’s a brand-new and patented product, so its price is pretty high – $59.99 at the time of writing this post.

Compatible: All e-reader models for the base; all 6-inch e-readers for the flexible arm (the 6.8-inch Paperwhite should fit, too).

2. Lap desk and bed tray in one

Laptop desk with adjustable stand and bed tray
A wooden lap desk and bed tray in one / Image: Amazon

▸ This accessory is not intended specifically for e-readers or even tablets, but I have found it highly helpful if you are looking for ways to increase the comfort of reading.

▸ This laptop desk is combined with a bed tray, and features an adjustable stand. Just raise the surface and place your e-reader to adjust the reading angle.

▸ This kind of accessory can meet most of your needs. When you want, you can use it for a Sunday breakfast in bed, working on a laptop, or reading a book – be it in print or on your e-reader.

▸ The right side of the desk stays flat, and you can place here a cup of coffee and a blow of marshmallows. Plus, there is also a mesh storage compartment for office accessories, a bottle of water, or a thermal mug.

▸ The laptop desk can be fully folded so that you can put it into a wardrobe. It’s worth mentioning that this specific model comes with adjustable-height legs.

▸ The price of the tray at the time of writing this post is $38. It is worth noting that the product is currently offered at a lower price.

Compatible: All e-readers.

3. Book sleeve compatible with most e-readers

Book sleeve compatible with e-readers
A cozy book sleeve will hold not only a paperback or hardcover, but also your e-reader / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The coziest book and e-reader sleeve

▸ The problem with e-reader cases is that they fit only specific models. The problem with sleeves designed for e-readers and tablets is that they are usually boring.

▸ If you want something dramatically way more cheerful, make sure to explore a different product category – that is a surprisingly compatible with e-readers – sleeves designed to protect and carry paper books.

▸ We recommend book sleeves from Kapax. Each one closes with a Velcro on the top side, and features external pockets for a notepad, pen, or a library card.

▸ Currently, there are over ten colors to choose from, and all are stunning!

▸ The sleeves are all 10 × 8 inch (25 × 20 cm) and will fit your 6-inch e-reader with a space for a standard case cover if you need it. There will still be some place to put a small paperback book inside!

▸ The price is set at $17.99 – and that’s for the universal protective sleeve that would work with your current and future e-reader, as well as most paper books.

Compatible: All e-readers up to 8 inches.

4. Foldable spider-leg stand – perfect for reading in bed

Foldable spider-leg stand from Tablift - perfect for e-readers
A foldable spider-leg stand – perfect to read hands-free in your bed or on a sofa / Image: Amazon

▸ Most stands can raise the device only a bit. What if you wanted to place your e-reader at eye level?

▸ Take a look at the clever stand from Tablift. It has a construction which resembles a four-legged spider, and on the top there is a sturdy holder.

▸ The legs are flexible, and you can form them to raise the device much higher than any standard holder. Most importantly, the legs can be folded together to take as little space as possible.

▸ The holder lets you mount a device of up to 12.9 inches (ca. 33 cm). The slots allow reading at three different angles.

▸ Tablift is a great way to read hands-free in bed, especially if you want to avoid placing anything directly on your stomach.

▸ From time to time the price drops to under $30, but regularly, you can buy it at $34.99. It may, however, go up to even $40 during annual shopping seasons (Black Friday and Prime Day).

Compatible: All e-reader models of up to 13 inches.

Our score: 7.9/10

5. Powerful solar charger for electricity-free reading life

Solar charger for life without electricity
A powerful solar panel for electricity-free reading life / Image: Amazon

▸ E-readers are well-known for their extremely long battery life. You can recharge them every few weeks. With the new solar charger from FlexSolar, you can stay in a mountain cabin for months, not weeks, and the presence of the power outlet is not mandatory. Oh, and you will be able to recharge your smartphone, too.

▸ Most solar power banks can be recharged via solar panels only in emergencies. Their panels are small, and it takes ages to recharge the power bank enough to recharge the destination device.

▸ This 15W three-panel solar charger will make you fully independent of electricity suppliers. It can be easily folded and squeezed into a backpack, and comes with buckles to attach it where it will be most exposed to sun beams.

▸ The panels are highly efficient. The producer claims the charger converts up to 24% of solar power in favorable sunlight conditions.

▸ The special polymer surface protects the panels from water and dust. Plus, the ports are protected with sturdy rubber covers to offer the overall IP67 waterproof level.

▸ The 15W variant costs $49.99, but you can buy the cheaper 10W version ($39.99), which will recharge your Kindle (and other 6-inch e-reader) in less than an hour.

Compatible: All e-reader models.

Our score: 8.1/10

6. Padded, detachable handle grip and stand in one

Velcro handle and stand for e-readers
This detachable handle grip doubles as a stand / Image: Amazon

▸ When you replace the dedicated case with a sleeve, you will have several new ways to make reading more comfortable.

▸ Fintie offers an extremely clever accessory that lets you easier hold the e-reader in one hand. It’s especially helpful if you read books for long hours.

▸ Attach the handle to the back of your e-reader with a special adhesive patch. On the other side of the patch is a Velcro, which you use to attach or detach the handle itself.

▸ As the Velcro surface is pretty large, you can attach the handle to read both in a portrait or landscape mode – or whatever position and angle you like.

▸ The handle can be used in two ways. When you attach to one side, it’s a solid handle that allows you to read one-handed. The other side turns the handle into a stand.

▸ The Velcro patch comes in two sizes, so the handle is compatible with most e-readers, ranging from 6 to 11 inches.

▸ The price at the time of writing this post is $15.99  – a clever and convenient alternative to a vertical stand case.

Compatible: All e-reader models of up to 11 inches.

7. 100% flexible gooseneck holder

Gooseneck tablet and e-reader holder top rated
You can fix this flexible gooseneck holder is a place where you usually read books / Image: Amazon

▸ If you read books in the same place at home (probably a bed), you may like the idea of a holder that you can mount to a bedside table or the frame of your bed.

▸ From Lamicall comes a gooseneck tablet mount holder that’s extremely popular on Amazon, with over 16 thousand ratings. It can hold devices that are between 4.5 and 10.5 inches, so your e-reader should fit perfectly.

▸ Thanks to a flexible arm, you can place your e-reader exactly at the angle, height, and distance you like. It’s a great idea for anyone who wants to read books at the eye level.

▸ The holder is rotatable. You can read ebooks in either a one-page portrait mode or in a landscape view.

▸ The stand is great for passive activities, such as reading books or watching videos. It’s not suitable for writing or gaming, as it’s bouncing when you touch the display.

▸ You can choose from two colors: Gray and Black. The current price on Amazon is $24.99 – and it’s rarely changing.

Compatible: All e-reader models of up to 10.5 inches.

8. Fashionable portfolio e-reader bag

Portfolio e-reader hardbag
This multipurpose hardback sleeve case from Tomtoc will accommodate not only your e-reader / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best hard cover sleeve bag compatible with e-readers

▸ If you are looking for an accessory that would accommodate more than just your e-reader, think about a portable bag that comes with several compartments and pockets, but still has the size of a mobile device.

▸ The bag from Tomtoc is intended for devices no larger than 12.9-inch, so it will fit almost any e-reader model.

▸ Tomtoc Portfolio combines a rugged EVA hard shell with soft microfiber lining to protect against bumps and scratches. Water-repellent fabric provides protection even on a rainy day.

▸ The patented ergonomic groove design and comfortable grip make it easier to carry on without drops, even if you want to avoid using the built-in handle.

▸ Inside, there are multiple compartments. You can use the main one for your e-reader, print book, or a notebook. Elasticized segments provide tight grip for cables, earphones, and other small accessories.

▸ Tomtoc offers one year worry-free guarantee. Plus, you will benefit from friendly customer service available via email and phone.

▸ You can choose from several colors, including Mixed Orange (shown above), Avocado, Gray, and Caramel.

▸ The lowest price we recorded was $29.99. Currently, it’s set at $44.99. As this is a highly popular product, you may not see a considerable price drop any time soon.

Compatible: All e-reader models of up to 13 inches (33 cm).

9. Steampunk light and speaker in one

Candle light and speaker in one
A vintage-looking light with a built-in speaker – perfect for listening to audiobooks / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The best bedside accessory for avid readers

▸ Since most e-readers offer now a front light feature, you no longer need a reading lamp that emits enough light to make the text readable.

▸ The thing is that a lamp with a cozy, warm light tone is a part of reading enjoyment. Obviously, you can always light a candle, for instance the one that smells like an old library or a paperback.

▸ You can, however, go for a more functional alternative, and get a gorgeous-looking lamp that has a built-in speaker – a great solution if you love to listen to audiobooks.

▸ This steampunk lamp operates in two modes. One is a warm light. The other one is a flickering candle (I love this one!). You can adjust the light brightness by rotating a switch in the base of the lamp.

▸ The wireless speaker works with Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Many reviewers have pointed out that it gives a surprisingly crisp and powerful sound.

▸ How long is the playing time? It’s the most important question for audiobook lovers. This steampunk, battery operated lamp & speaker can play audiobooks for up to 8 hours at the maximum volume!

Compatible: All e-reader models for the light. E-readers with an audiobook player (such as Kindle) for the speaker.

Our score: 8.2/10

10. Weatherproof notebook zipper cover

Weatherproof notebook zipper cover e-reader compatible
This side bound notebook cover turns out to be a brilliant e-reader sleeve / Image: Amazon

▸ This product was not intended to be used with e-readers – but it serves its purpose brilliantly. It’s a side bound notebook cover from Rite in the Rain.

▸ This solid and durable is made of incredibly tough Cordura fabric that’s water and weather resistant. The pouch closes with a solid, rugged zipper closure.

▸ Inside, there are two large pockets for notebooks, on the left and right side. Each one will fit the 6-inch e-reader, excluding Nook.

▸ The cover also features four pen-size holders, and a pocket for a credit card.

▸ Rite in the Rain cover is available in the US Amazon store in three colors: Black, Tan, and Camo (they are sold as separate products).

▸ The price at the time of updating the post is $26.99, and it’s the lowest we have ever recorded.

Compatible: All 6-inch e-readers with standard proportions (won’t fit Nook Glowlight).

11. Reading glasses with built-in LED lights

Reading glasses with LED lights for ebooks and print books
Reading glasses with built-in LED lights / Image: Amazon

Our pick: A clever combination of reading light and glasses

▸ Many e-readers feature the front light, but what if you read both ebooks and print books? And if you need glasses for reading?

▸ You don’t have to buy a reading lamp and reading glasses separately. You can have them in a single product.

▸ These glasses from Skyway look like standard reading glasses. They are available in 6 magnification variants, from 1.0x to 3.5x. 

▸ What makes them extraordinary is two LED lights that are mounted on each side. Thanks to that, the light beams are always directed to where you are looking at.

▸ The LED lights can be recharged via micro-USB ports. Each light is operated independently, so you can use just one, and have twice the time before you will have to recharge the LED lights’ batteries.

 ▸ With LED reading glasses you can buy the standard – and cheaper – e-reader (without the front light), and have the problem of light fixed if you happen to read print books.

Compatible: All e-reader models.

12. Invisible, origami style stand and handle

Invisible origami stand for e-readers
A minimalist, origami stand and bookend in one / Image: Amazon

▸ There are hundreds of stands available online, but are they any good for an e-reader? They are, if you are planning to reuse your old device. They can also be used for hands-free reading, but, opposite to pillow stands, they are stable only on flat surfaces.

▸ My problem with most stands is they are too technological: too much metal, too heavy, and too gimmicky. They are hard to associate with reading.

▸ There is one exception – the stand offered by Moft. It feels like an e-reader cover because it’s designed in the same manner and uses similar materials. Plus, it features an origami design that’s common in Kindle covers.

▸ The design is strong – so strong that you can use it as an emergency bookend for your print books. It can hold up to 7 lbs (3.2 kg) of weight.

▸ The Moft stand offers six reading angles. In portrait mode, you can choose between 25, 40, and 60 degrees. When used in a landscape position, you can set the angle at 30, 40, or 60 degrees.

▸ Most importantly, the stand can be folded to an almost invisible shape, and you can put it inside the same sleeve you use for your e-reader. Or you can place it between the books on your bedside bookshelf.

▸ The stand is being attached to the back of the e-reader with an adhesive patch, and you use the main part to form a stand. The main part is easily detachable.

▸ It’s worth highlighting that the stand’s design lets you use it as a grip for one-handed reading.

▸ The smallest and cheapest version is $29.99. Bigger ones cost $39.99, and you will be able to use them with large e-readers.

Compatible: All e-reader models, depending on the size version. Note: for all 6-inch e-readers, I recommend using the smartphone variant.

13. Vera Bradley cotton tablet & e-reader organizer

Vera Bradley cotton tablet e-reader organizer
A fashionable, floral sleeve bag from Vera Bradley / Image: Amazon

Our pick: The most fashionable e-reader accessory

▸ The moment you stop thinking about a dedicated case or sleeve is the moment endless possibilities open. What about a bag that would fit your mobile device (be it a tablet or e-reader), a print book, and a few necessary accessories?

▸ From Vera Bradley comes the most fashionable item in this overview – the Cotton Organizer. Its size makes it easy to put any e-reader that’s no larger than 8 inches.

▸ As other tablet organizers, the Vera Bradley bag comes with several utilities: two slip pockets, two mesh pockets, three card slips, four pen slips, and one ID window.

▸ The bag is made of a sustainable recycled cotton fabric and “has all the comfort, softness, and vibrancy that you know and love.”

▸ The sleeve is padded for increased comfort and protection. Plus, there is a handle to let you carry it with ease.

▸ Vera Bradley tablet & e-reader organizer is available in eight fashionable designs, including Ikat Island, Java Navy Camo, Indiana Rose, and Plum Pansies.

▸ The price is very Vera Bradley – $45. But it will serve more than your current e-reader, and will handle a few other things.

Compatible: All e-reader models of up to 8 inches.

Our score: 8.3/10

14. Cozy pillow stand with 6 reading positions

Best pillow stand with six reading positions Lamicall
A cozy pillow stand with as many as six reading angles / Image: Amazon

Our pick: Most versatile pillow stand compatible with e-readers

▸ From Lamicall comes one of the best solutions for hands-free reading, no matter whether you read books in a print or ebook format.

▸ The stand is cozy but extremely stable. It has strong resilience, but at the same time is hard to deform. Therefore, it can be used on any surface, be it a desk, bed, sofa, or your laps.

▸ Best of all, it combines a convenience of a pillow with features typical for desktop stands: multi-angle functionality.

▸ You can place the book or e-reader on each of the two sides, where there are three grooves that are deep enough to hold not only your e-reader, but also an opened print book.

▸ I have bought the stand for $24.99, and it’s a fair price for this innovative and sturdy pillow. If you see the price reaching $30, simply bookmark the product in your browser, and come back in a few days (weeks, to the most) to see it reduced to the usual level.

Compatible: All e-reader models.

Our score: 8.5/10

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