You can now share your ebooks in Kindle apps thanks to Amazon Household

So far, users connected to the same Amazon Household account were able to access the same content via Kindle e-readers or on the web via Kindle Cloud Reader.

Starting today, you can share your content with other Amazon Household members, using your Kindle app on the iOS, Android, and Fire device.

The content that’s eligible for Amazon Household sharing is purchased ebooks and audiobooks (including manga and comics), as well as content downloaded via active digital subscriptions, such as Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime Reading, and comiXology unlimited.

If you use your Kindle or Kindle app to get library ebooks via Public Library Lending, you can share these titles as well.

What are the benefits of sharing Kindle content via Amazon Household? The biggest benefit is that two or more users can read the same ebook, and there will be no problem with the last-synced editions. Also, every user can organize the content in their own way, so you won’t have a problem with finding the right boo.

Amazon Household allows you to share Amazon benefits with another adult, teens, and children. You can add two adult accounts and four kids. Members of the family can choose to share selected books from their Library or the entire Library itself.

Here are more details about Amazon Household, and here you can start adding family members.

It’s not clear whether you have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime to start your Amazon Household. You can share your Prime benefits if you have Prime membership, but you can also share your purchased Kindle books – and in this case, you don’t need Prime.

Regarding Amazon Fire tablets, you can now get Fire Max 11 for only $189.99 (15% off), and the 10-inch Fire HD for $119 (20% off).

Source: Families can now share Kindle content on iOS, Android, and Fire Tablets with Amazon Household – About Amazon

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